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The best USB C to USB Adapter for Macbook

Simplicity, quality and design.

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In our opening review, we decided to start with the basics.. a USB C to USB Adapter.

Indeed, vast majority of users are still using USB drive, or electronic devices using USB port, so we decided to fix, firstly, this issue, while the last Macbook now have only USB C port.

For this first test, we bought 8 USB C to USB Adapters from Amazon or Aliexpress.

What we tested ?
  • Connection between the Macbook and the adapter
  • Connection between the adapter and USB stick
  • Successful data transfer
  • Finishing of products
All the test has been made with a 2018 Macbook Pro and 2 Sandisk flash drive.

Here are the results:

  • 3 fails..

Beyond a tasteless design, these 3 products fail the Connection between the adapter and USB stick test.

Simple and big fail.

It is impossible connect the USB drive with those adapter...

Tyler was very angry !

  • 3 OK, but..

These 3 product get the job done. The connections between USB drive and Macbook were ok.

However, finishing was not very good.

Plastics look cheap, and the design seem oldfashioned.. especially the USB port with metal pieces who were coming out of the adapter..

So, we skipped our turn :)

  • 2 winners

=> The 2-Pack RAMPOW USB Type-C to USB Adapter at 6.99$ on Amazon

=> The Ugreen USB C adapter to USB at 3.90$ on Aliexpress

The RAMPOW adapter has a nice design and is a very simple and effective adapter.

The connectivity between the Macbook and the USB drive is flowing and soft.

You could have two for 6.99$ on Amazon.

No more comment needed. Just a perfect deal.

The UGREEN adapter has also a nice design. For an Aliexpress product, we were surprised by the high level of finishing, well up to Apple standards.

The connectivity between the Macbook and the USB drive is also flowing and soft.

You could have it for 3.90$ on Aliexpress.

A very good deal regarding the quality of the product.

More pictures of the two winners :

Thank you for your support.

See you soon!


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